Mass Effect 3 demo

Maybe the demo is a hidden Bioware message.

Play it again, but think of it this way:

- Shepard is the playerbase
- Future Vancouver is "Bioware Town"
- the Committee are the ME3 developers
- the Reapers are EA
- the kid in the vent/shuttle is DA2
- the Citadel Council is Bethesda
It plays out much better as a story for me now. I'm fighting for the future of RPGS! :)

(in a silly mood lol. But still, I think I've found a way to enjoy the game even if it sucks)
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Brain hurting

STUPID SPACE SHUTTLE why won't you achieve low Earth orbit? Stop running out of fuel and falling back into the Atlantic like a noob!

You came so close, 3/4 around the planet, but then you collided with the International Space Station, accidentally opened your bay doors, dropped your satellite on China and let the poor spacewalking astronaut drift off to certain doom.

And that was a good run.

I'm not even going to start with those other tries where you deployed the landing gear at take off, turned upside down at 10km, bombed Cape Canaveral with your booster rockets and nosedived into Texas...

Earth has too much gravity. Planets are too big. The atmosphere is too draggy and burny for my liking.

This simulator is turning me into a Moon landing conspiracy theorist. Sadly, it's also turning me into an "any existing satellite or probe" conspiracy theorist as well.
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This is not good :(

Both comic shops destroyed/on fire :O

This is not a good thing. There is a bus on the next road on fire, plus the road where I work has a couple of burning cars.

The police are protecting North End, the main pedestrianised shopping district, but they don't have the resources to move out or expand their coverage and people are taking advantage of that by burning shops around the outskirts. There is a black cloud outside my window the size of a nuclear strike - it's coming from the furniture store right next to my favourite comic shop!

Maplins was torn apart and looted earlier while I was still at work. Argos has been emptied. Most staff were sent home but I hung around until 17:30 then ran for it.

West Croydon is a warzone. I visited the post office at lunch time and saw a LOT of people milling around but stupid me didn't even realise what was brewing until later in the afternoon. It's always a rough area and a bit intimidating but today was much worse.

I can see at least four fires from my window across town. It's Los Angeles lite >.>

There are gangs wandering the streets laughing and chatting. Near West Croydon at the London Road junction nutjobs are attacking passing cars and trying to get inside them. I'm about 5 roads parallel to the madness and it's only 21:45 so far - a long night ahead of me!

Time to nut up or shut up, I guess... O.o

Casby the Croydon (ON FIRE) ghost

EBIL FOX!!!!111one

Ah, the power of public opinion. A masterclass...of the FUTURE!

May 2010 - Conservative Government

June 2010 - Fox attacks twin babies

July 2010 - Farmers blame foxes as well as badgers for TB!

August 2010 - Are Foxes vermin? What separates them from rats? Watch the BBC interview people who are terrified of Foxes and hate them very much...

September 2010 - Fox causes car crash, huge media storm! O.O Police inquiry stresses a need for action!

October 2010 - Fox hunters begin mumbling that they *had* a great way of controlling the Fox population...

November 2010 - Newsnight special - Urban Foxes and the damage they cause to suburbia! Property damage, psychological damage, rare cases of attacks on domestic animals and people...

December 2010 - Apparently, Foxes prey on other wildlife even more cute then them! What's the greater evil, killing Foxes or allowing Foxes to kill kittens, squirrels and people?! The authorities have commissioned "experts" whose studies reveal Foxes are a threat to modern living, surpassing even pigeons, with references made to the cleaning up of Trafalgar Square.

March 2011 - Fox Flu! Neither confirmed nor denied, but do we really want to take the chance? Summer is coming again and this year the Flu virus may pick Foxes as their new vehicle of terror!

June 2011 - A second "suspected" Fox attack, resulting in the death of a child. No definitive proof of Fox involvement, but after an entire year, how have the authorities not learned their lesson? How could it happen AGAIN??! Surely something MUST be done!

September 2011 - Surveys show people really don't like Foxes now. It's time to frown and jeer the crusty Fox lovers and get serious about the new, stronger and bolder Foxes (parallel with skunk and the re-classification of marijuana). We saw the warning signs in 2010 but did nothing, now we can't afford to repeat the same mistake.

October 2011 - Bill passed to repeal the ban on Fox hunting. It is after all, an established method of reducing the Fox "threat" and is actually good for the economy and environment, too! Fox hunting will be tightly controlled, with hunts being organised in agreement with local authorities that monitor hunt activity and ensure the hunts contribute towards Fox "danger hotspot" control...

(Real time line may vary)

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Yay, I completed the National Pokedex :)

Thanks to a work friend, nice Ardgour people, some wacky GTS traders over WiFi and my own insanity (which caused me to buy a second DS and Pokemon Platinum).

Hmm, if another Pokemon player ever needs an egg of any of the hard to find Pokemon then lemme know cos I will be able to breed one.

Okay now I can finally play some other games. And do work. At work. Oh, and sleep!


Casby plays Pokemon

1. Buy Pokemon Soulsilver

2. Collect lots of Pokemon

3. Can't collect more Pokemon because the creators are evil and made some exclusive to Heartgold

4. Trade with Heartgold players for more Pokemon

5. Can't collect more Pokemon because some are not in the new games

6. Buy Pokemon Platinum

7. Can't play both Platinum and Soulsilver at the same time on a single DS

8. Buy second DS

9. Can't collect more Pokemon because some can only be found through trades via Wi Fi

10. Buy wireless router

11. Can't collect more Pokemon because some require waiting for set number of days

12. Exploit DS time clock to pass time faster

13. Can't collect more Pokemon because some are special event Pokemon

14. Buy special event Pokemon from Ebay and trade via Wi Fi

15. Can't collect more Pokemon because some are exclusive to Pokemon Pearl and Diamond...

I always knew I was going to end up playing this game sooner or later, ever since it first appeared. I also knew what would happen when I did. This is an old school Kobyashi Mario - the only winning move is not to play. Still, I've managed 455 and still have quite a few more I can collect before I need to start selling kidneys.

If anyone else playing Pokemon reads this then note my friend code is: 0260 3188 5897. I'm really looking for:

Sableye - stupidly impossible to find
Glameow - Pearl only :(
Stunky - Diamond only :(

and I have a lot of nice things I can trade for them.

Why do they make Sableye nigh-impossible to find? I can't even trade for him since I haven't even seen one in my game.

Okay, my five minute break is over - back to more Pokemon!
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The absolute greatest ever possible thing that could happen at this precise moment in time is for someone to break into Gillian Duffy's house and find that Gordon Brown had actually murdered her in a fit of uncontrollable rage.

It would be sad for her though, but well...when you balance the cosmic scales, still pretty awesome.

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I miss ducky so much. I'm passing out of denial and disbelief, beginning to realise that he really is lost somewhere far far away and may never find his way home.

I've contacted every lost property office between London and Glasgow, plus the Citylink buses and Glasgow bus station. I've posted lost notes all over and am going to advertise in the Metro. I've handed out photos to puzzled station staff and have traced back and forth along the exact route I took through London before catching the train.

My family is sad too. Ducky has been with me on every trip around the world and slept at the head of my bed through school, college, University and all my homes since. It's been 22 years since I decided to give him the best sort of experience that a fluffy toy companion could be given. He's in so many photos of mine, with all my pets, family and old friends.

People at work are starting to wonder why I keep running off to hide and spend lunchtimes making lots of phone calls to train stations. I would explain but they will probably think I'm daft and then be shocked since I'd probably break down while talking about things.

I wish he would just appear somewhere, or one of the places I've left my details with would call back and say they've found him.

I need to call Ardgour House contacts and a few more train stations tomorrow.