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Okay, I went with option 2.

I expressed my concerns. I made no accusations. I made it clear that given my responsibilities, I felt that I needed to be brought up to speed with the records I was concerned about before I felt confident performing my required duties.

Following further discussions throughout the day, I met with my Director and was handed notice of immediate dismissal (in my opinion this is perfectly proper, since I had not yet been employed for one month and was effectively still on probation).

I was actually in the process of drafting my resignation at the time. I would have got in first but I didn't have a printer :)

If the response to my concerns had been to provide me with the records I requested (for my own peace of mind) or to explain that there were good reasons for their non-existence (such as the points made in the previous post about contract requirements) then I would have been satisfied and apologised for pressing people so hard for the info.

However, this is not what happened and so essentially my boss and I reached a point where we wouldn't be able to reconcile our different approaches to the business.

I'm not going to express any personal opinion about the company, or this turn of events. I still do not know whether the matter I voiced concern over is in fact fine, since I did not find out enough information regarding it before I was released. There really was no ill-feeling involved in the release - we both agreed to disagree and parted company.

On the up-side, I've always had a reserve offer hanging with the Home Office for the whole time I have been working at the other company. So don't worry, cos today's events have simply solved the second dilemma I had about whether or not to switch jobs :)

Casby the extremely relieved ghost
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