The Casbyness (casby) wrote,
The Casbyness

All your Revenge is Belong to Me


Scored a minor but not insignificant final point against my former employer. My contract required my boss to give me a week's notice, even when on probation.


It would have been more impressive to have been able to pass his "release" letter back to him yesterday and explain that he had just broken his own company policy on probation (especially after he spent a while "explaining" that he knew EVERYTHING about management and business), but oh well. Perhaps in ten years time I'll remember that this was what really happened, and tell tall tales around the campfire about the time I was fired on the grounds of excessive integrity.

My track record in employment is slowly becoming fascinatingly bizarre. So far I've:

1) Been kidnapped by a fellow staff member
2) Been promoted while working under terms that forbade promotion
3) Been forced to exit a workplace because a collegue refused to stop sitting on my work
4) Been stunned by a mid-flight Sparrow
5) Been warned not to exercise the full abilities of my memory
6) Resigned because I didn't want to bankrupt a business
7) Spent 6 months watching pornography to judge its legality
8) Received a commission from the Queen
9) Been offered a job, then told it no longer existed
10) Sorted letters for Santa while relocating a colony of butterflies

and now this.

Anyway, I'll be paid to the 23rd. Kewl beans, now there will be barely any break at all between this old job and the new one (not to mention a shiny extra few £100).

This has all been a very good refresher in full time employment and preparation for the Home Office job.
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