The Casbyness (casby) wrote,
The Casbyness


Beggar: *stops Casby*. "Excuse me mate, please don't hit me or anything."

(Beggar is holding a shopping bag and a mobile phone)

Casby: "Okay."

Beggar: "You see I've been in Croydon for three days now and I'm homeless, which is bad especially in *this* weather (points to sky) right listen I..."

(Beggar's mobile phone rings)

Beggar: "Hi! Oh hey Dave. Yeah...I'm in town!" (pause)

Casby: ....

Beggar: "Nah not seen Steve since we went out that night" (pause)

Casby: ....

Beggar: "Yeah right see you in the pub in like...'alf hour!" *click*

Casby: ....

Beggar: "...oh so yeah right can you spare me a pound I need a ticket to get home and this weather is awful, gotta get a train quick!"

Casby: ....

Beggar: ....

Casby: "....I don't have any change sorry."

(Beggar shrugs and walks off in the opposite direction to the train station, towards the pub...)

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