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Casby plays Pokemon

1. Buy Pokemon Soulsilver

2. Collect lots of Pokemon

3. Can't collect more Pokemon because the creators are evil and made some exclusive to Heartgold

4. Trade with Heartgold players for more Pokemon

5. Can't collect more Pokemon because some are not in the new games

6. Buy Pokemon Platinum

7. Can't play both Platinum and Soulsilver at the same time on a single DS

8. Buy second DS

9. Can't collect more Pokemon because some can only be found through trades via Wi Fi

10. Buy wireless router

11. Can't collect more Pokemon because some require waiting for set number of days

12. Exploit DS time clock to pass time faster

13. Can't collect more Pokemon because some are special event Pokemon

14. Buy special event Pokemon from Ebay and trade via Wi Fi

15. Can't collect more Pokemon because some are exclusive to Pokemon Pearl and Diamond...

I always knew I was going to end up playing this game sooner or later, ever since it first appeared. I also knew what would happen when I did. This is an old school Kobyashi Mario - the only winning move is not to play. Still, I've managed 455 and still have quite a few more I can collect before I need to start selling kidneys.

If anyone else playing Pokemon reads this then note my friend code is: 0260 3188 5897. I'm really looking for:

Sableye - stupidly impossible to find
Glameow - Pearl only :(
Stunky - Diamond only :(

and I have a lot of nice things I can trade for them.

Why do they make Sableye nigh-impossible to find? I can't even trade for him since I haven't even seen one in my game.

Okay, my five minute break is over - back to more Pokemon!
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=) I don't dare ever pick up this series, ai yi yi!