The Casbyness (casby) wrote,
The Casbyness

EBIL FOX!!!!111one

Ah, the power of public opinion. A masterclass...of the FUTURE!

May 2010 - Conservative Government

June 2010 - Fox attacks twin babies

July 2010 - Farmers blame foxes as well as badgers for TB!

August 2010 - Are Foxes vermin? What separates them from rats? Watch the BBC interview people who are terrified of Foxes and hate them very much...

September 2010 - Fox causes car crash, huge media storm! O.O Police inquiry stresses a need for action!

October 2010 - Fox hunters begin mumbling that they *had* a great way of controlling the Fox population...

November 2010 - Newsnight special - Urban Foxes and the damage they cause to suburbia! Property damage, psychological damage, rare cases of attacks on domestic animals and people...

December 2010 - Apparently, Foxes prey on other wildlife even more cute then them! What's the greater evil, killing Foxes or allowing Foxes to kill kittens, squirrels and people?! The authorities have commissioned "experts" whose studies reveal Foxes are a threat to modern living, surpassing even pigeons, with references made to the cleaning up of Trafalgar Square.

March 2011 - Fox Flu! Neither confirmed nor denied, but do we really want to take the chance? Summer is coming again and this year the Flu virus may pick Foxes as their new vehicle of terror!

June 2011 - A second "suspected" Fox attack, resulting in the death of a child. No definitive proof of Fox involvement, but after an entire year, how have the authorities not learned their lesson? How could it happen AGAIN??! Surely something MUST be done!

September 2011 - Surveys show people really don't like Foxes now. It's time to frown and jeer the crusty Fox lovers and get serious about the new, stronger and bolder Foxes (parallel with skunk and the re-classification of marijuana). We saw the warning signs in 2010 but did nothing, now we can't afford to repeat the same mistake.

October 2011 - Bill passed to repeal the ban on Fox hunting. It is after all, an established method of reducing the Fox "threat" and is actually good for the economy and environment, too! Fox hunting will be tightly controlled, with hunts being organised in agreement with local authorities that monitor hunt activity and ensure the hunts contribute towards Fox "danger hotspot" control...

(Real time line may vary)
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...I keep reading this and thinking of the Fox Network...;)
I've been thinking of this post every time I've seen anything on twitter (which at the moment is pretty much my sole national news feed) about foxes. You seem remarkably spot-on so far...

Prophecy...fulfill thyself!

Sadly I leave BBC News on at my house if I'm using my laptop. Over the years, I think this has caused me to develop a superheroic "spin-sense". When I watch the news I never listen to what is being said, I'm too busy being paranoid about why it is being said and how the very specific wording has been crafted to cause a certain effect.

I've been in central government too long, attending meetings where people plan a story solely to have an impact on something bigger in the long term, or to smokescreen a different story, or to "appear to say something when actually you're not saying it". The most common case I can get involved in is where officials appear to say they are going to change something when in fact all they've really said is they'll review it.

My favourite at the moment is the extremely thin line BP and the USA government are walking, regarding the oil blowout. It's obvious that BP have never had any intention to stop the flow, and the government know this. All both sides have been doing is buying time and sowing confusion so they can put together an effective way to siphon the oil which will help pay for the eventual bill.

I think the mainstream media understands what's going on but won't turn nasty until the events are over. Then they'll unleash a retrospective attack on "what we weren't told".