The Casbyness (casby) wrote,
The Casbyness

This is not good :(

Both comic shops destroyed/on fire :O

This is not a good thing. There is a bus on the next road on fire, plus the road where I work has a couple of burning cars.

The police are protecting North End, the main pedestrianised shopping district, but they don't have the resources to move out or expand their coverage and people are taking advantage of that by burning shops around the outskirts. There is a black cloud outside my window the size of a nuclear strike - it's coming from the furniture store right next to my favourite comic shop!

Maplins was torn apart and looted earlier while I was still at work. Argos has been emptied. Most staff were sent home but I hung around until 17:30 then ran for it.

West Croydon is a warzone. I visited the post office at lunch time and saw a LOT of people milling around but stupid me didn't even realise what was brewing until later in the afternoon. It's always a rough area and a bit intimidating but today was much worse.

I can see at least four fires from my window across town. It's Los Angeles lite >.>

There are gangs wandering the streets laughing and chatting. Near West Croydon at the London Road junction nutjobs are attacking passing cars and trying to get inside them. I'm about 5 roads parallel to the madness and it's only 21:45 so far - a long night ahead of me!

Time to nut up or shut up, I guess... O.o

Casby the Croydon (ON FIRE) ghost
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