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Brain hurting

STUPID SPACE SHUTTLE why won't you achieve low Earth orbit? Stop running out of fuel and falling back into the Atlantic like a noob!

You came so close, 3/4 around the planet, but then you collided with the International Space Station, accidentally opened your bay doors, dropped your satellite on China and let the poor spacewalking astronaut drift off to certain doom.

And that was a good run.

I'm not even going to start with those other tries where you deployed the landing gear at take off, turned upside down at 10km, bombed Cape Canaveral with your booster rockets and nosedived into Texas...

Earth has too much gravity. Planets are too big. The atmosphere is too draggy and burny for my liking.

This simulator is turning me into a Moon landing conspiracy theorist. Sadly, it's also turning me into an "any existing satellite or probe" conspiracy theorist as well.
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