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The Casbyness
14 May
80s stuff, adventure, aesthetics, al pacino, alaska, ancient china, anime, aristotle, art, astrology, blackadder, blood bowl, books, bookstores, boses, bruce campbell, c64, cambridge, cambridge university, canada, cartoon cartoons, ccgs, celine the weird, charity shops, china, chinese writing, civil service, classical music, coins, collecting, comedy, commodore amiga, computer games, computers, contemporary music, creativity, custom barbies, death, dennis leary, dentistry, diao chan, discworld, diving, dogs, drawing, dreaming, england, epic battles, ethics, fairy tales, fantasy, feminist philosophy, films, final fantasy, fluff, formula one, graveyards, guitar, harley quinn, heroclix, heroism, history, history of art, history of science, hm customs and excise, humanism, hume, idealism, innovation, jackie chan, jimmy white, johnny depp, justice, kant, kate bush, kessen, language, lightsabres, linguistics, literature, long hair, lord of the rings, love, manga, matrix, metaphysics, monty python, museums, music, mysticism, neil gaiman, neverending story, new jedi order, nietzsche, ninjutsu, northern lights, nugs, opera, optimus prime, paper theatre, philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, philosophy of the workplace, pirates, pornography law, poser, prince yves, ps2, psychology, religion, ringlets, sandman, science fiction, shakespeare, sigourney weaver, snooker, social philosophy, socrates, space, spaced, spider plants, star trek, star wars, surrealism, tcgs, tekken, the colour orange, the princess bride, the tick, the undertaker, theatre, tidying, tmgs, tolkien, tori amos, transformers, tubescrawls(tm), vegetarianism, warhammer, whales, wicca, winona ryder, wittgenstein, writing, x-men, xbox, yoda, yoshimitsu